Langtail helps teams to build & deploy robust LLM apps rapidly

Langtail is a platform that helps developers build, test, and deploy applications powered by LLMs faster. With Langtail, you can go from prototype to production-ready apps in less time. Key features: • Collaborative workspaces - Invite your team to collaborate on prompt engineering and app development. • No-code LLM Playground - Prototype, debug and test prompts without writing code. Supports OpenAI models, more providers coming soon. • Centralized logs and analytics - Get insights into your LLM's performance, costs, and usage patterns. Essential for monitoring and debugging. • Prompt evaluation - Create test suites with inputs and expected outputs. Use deterministic evaluators to verify LLM responses. • Prompt deployment - Deploy prompts as API endpoints separate from your codebase. Manage multiple environments like prod, staging and dev. • Vendor-agnostic - Avoid lock-in and switch between LLM providers easily. Langtail provides the tools to make your LLM-powered apps more predictable, performant and maintainable, whether you're building chatbots, document Q&A, text summarization, AI copilots, or workflow automation. Sign up for free and start building with Langtail.

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