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Uneed.best - Our Tool Curation Site is Driving Record Growth for Startups

Even though we only post one new listing a day, our tiny little site is having an outsized impact on the startups and products we feature.

You know how it is - as an entrepreneur or maker, you're always on the hunt for new tools and apps to make your work easier and more productive.

But with so many options out there, how do you even begin to find the hidden gems that will really move the needle for your business?

That's where our little site Uneed comes in. It's just a simple, hand-curated tool directory that features one new productivity tool or SaaS recommendation every weekday.

We spotlight apps and services across all categories - from business to development, design, marketing and more.

But here's the thing - even though we only post one new listing a day, our tiny little site is having an outsized impact on the startups and products we feature.

How? Well, let me tell you the story behind uneed and how we’re helping makers and founders find the tools they really need...

The Making of a Tool Directory

Launched in 2019, Uneed accepts only 1 web/mobile tool submission daily after extensive review - instantly setting it apart in a cluttered marketplace.

"I thoroughly explore your landing pages, use the tools myself, and carefully evaluate," says founder Thomas.

This tool listing service aims to cut through the noise with its 1 million+ pageviews in 2024 - saving its 241,000 users hours of useless searching for amazing and useful tools.

Why the Highly-Engaged Audience Matters

The SaaS promotion channel works with startups because its visitors intend to use the tools listed.

Daily searchers are developers, entrepreneurs, designers actively exploring productivity tools and developer tools to build products more efficiently.

In comparison, typical directories have high rates of "junk traffic" - people not actually looking for software.

Uneed's qualified audience leads to sky-high conversion rates for tools earning the exclusive stamp of approval.

Startups Describe Uneed's "Transformative" Impact

We surveyed various tools to understand the effects of a coveted Uneed listing first-hand:

"It drove 40% of our trial signups the very first week. The targeted high-converting traffic is unmatched," says, Ilias, an indie hacker who has placed 6 of his projects on the platform

“In a single month, Uneed delivered what took our entire in-house marketing team 6 painful months of efforts to achieve,” adds Sasha, creator of SEO Agency Tools.

"Gotta say @UneedLists drives insane amount of quality traffic to @ResolveAI_. Loving it", Rem Kim, founder of ResolveAI

Such velocity from this understated tool curation site is common - a 20% increase in trial signups overnight.

Driving Growth Through SEO

As a curated directory, Uneed has always focused on quality over quantity when it comes to listings. But founder Thomas recognized that getting visibility for these hand-picked tools is just as important.

That's why in 2024, Uneed is focusing on SEO and search visibility in order to send more qualified traffic to listed services.

"Ranking high in organic search results should be a top priority for any site looking to drive free traffic," says Ilias Ism, founder of a SEO agency. "The people coming from SEO are highly targeted and ready to convert."

As Uneed climbs higher in the SERPs, the site aims to send 5 million+ additional visitors to its hand-picked tools by end of 2024. That adds up to massive growth potential for listed services.

How Does Uneed Stack Against Other Directories?

Let's evaluate how Uneed shapes up relative to alternatives:

Instant authority. A listing adds authority and trust to Google as a backlink, and is a great part of your SEO strategy. The manual vetting indicates quality and peer endorsement - unlike mass spam directories.

Continuous exposure. Listings keep benefiting from perpetual visibility to a targeted audience stocked with buyers - via site search, browse and newsletters.

Accelerating compound impact. More eyeballs from Uneed listings beget more users, which leads to more word of mouth, backlinks, referral traffic - compounding gains over time.

Ultimately its qualified manual curation + buyer intent audience drives dramatic tool growth - eclipsing other options.

Ready to Tap 1 Million+ Qualified Monthly Searchers?

As tools of all sizes can attest, a listing in this seemingly understated SaaS directory & tool discovery platform provides immense growth potential in an organic sustainable way.

But entries are extremely limited and competitive. Apply today before spots dry up!