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The Best Postman Alternatives

Explore the best Postman alternatives for API development and testing.


In the world of API development and testing, Postman has always been a go-to tool for many os us!

However, the landscape is rich with alternatives that offer unique features, are less bloated and might better suit your project needs 😊. In this post, we'll explore some of the best Postman alternatives available today.



Insomnia is a powerful API design and testing tool that aims to create an intuitive workflow for developers. It supports multiple protocols such as HTTP, REST, GraphQL, and gRPC, making it a versatile choice for API testing. It's a bit less bloated than Postman, but the interface is almost the same πŸ˜„!

Insomnia is designed to improve the productivity of developers by providing an organized environment to create, organize, share, and execute API requests. Whether you're working on REST, SOAP, GraphQL, or gRPC APIs, Insomnia provides a comprehensive platform for all your API development needs.



Hoppscotch is an open-source API development ecosystem known for its lightweight and fast performance. It's my favorite!

It's crafted with a minimalistic UI design, focusing on speed and efficiency, allowing developers to send requests and receive responses in real time. It's built with ease of use and accessibility in mind, and you can use it directly in your browser πŸ˜„


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Probably the simplest one of this selection! Gum API offers a native, modern, and lightweight API testing tool designed to simplify the inspection and manipulation of HTTP requests. It's tailored for developers looking for an efficient tool to test APIs without the overhead of more complex systems. With its user-friendly interface, Gum API aims to make API testing as straightforward as possible, allowing for quick and easy setup of test scenarios to validate API responses and behavior. Oh and there's a macOS app πŸ˜„


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Bruno positions itself as a fast, Git-friendly open source API client aiming to revolutionize the API development and testing space dominated by tools like Postman and Insomnia. It offers a unique approach by storing collections directly in a folder on your filesystem, contrasting with cloud-based solutions. Bruno's design philosophy centers around simplicity and efficiency, providing developers with a streamlined environment for exploring and testing APIs. With its commitment to being open source, Bruno encourages community contributions and collaboration, making it a dynamic and evolving tool for API development.

API Dash

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API Dash offers a next-gen API client experience with its ability to test, visualize, and integrate APIs swiftly. It positions itself as a lightweight alternative to tools like Postman and Insomnia, focusing on enhancing the developer's workflow with features like previewing data and multimedia (image, audio, pdf) API responses. Supporting over 40 mimetypes, API Dash simplifies the process of integrating APIs into your projects. Its commitment to efficiency and ease of use makes it a compelling choice for developers looking for a streamlined API development environment.


Our last Postman alternative is called Firecamp! It's a comprehensive API app for developers, offering a DX-first API development platform that simplifies the design, development, testing, and documentation of APIs. Firecamp supports multi-protocol APIs including Rest, GraphQL, WebSocket, and SocketIO, among others. With Firecamp, developers can create workspaces, collaborate with teams, and manage APIs effortlessly, making it an excellent alternative to traditional API development tools. Firecamp is browser-based :).


In the vast landscape of API development and testing tools, alternatives to Postman are thriving, offering unique features and streamlined workflows that cater to different developer needs.

Whether you're looking for simplicity, speed, collaboration features, or multi-protocol support, these alternatives provide robust solutions for designing, testing, and managing APIs.

Remember, the best tool is the one that fits your specific project needs and enhances your workflow πŸš€


Thomas from Uneed