Best Source For Domain WHOIS Database and API

WhoisFreaks stands as a comprehensive repository of domain WHOIS data. Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or a curious researcher, this platform provides meticulously curated information about domain names, registrars, countries, and TLDs. Key Features: - Whois Lookup API: Obtain detailed WHOIS records for any domain. Access essential details such as owner information, email addresses, creation dates, and registrar locations. Choose between JSON or XML formats. - Whois History API: Dive into a vast collection of current and historical WHOIS domain records. Stay informed with daily updates on domain registrations. - Reverse Whois API: Conduct broad searches based on domain keywords, owner names, emails, or company details. Uncover domains associated with specific entities. - Newly Registered Domains API: Download WHOIS files for newly registered domains. Gain insights into ownership details. - Expiring Domains API: Access WHOIS files for expiring and expired domains. Monitor domain ownership changes. - Dropped/Deleted Domains API: Retrieve WHOIS files for recently dropped or deleted domains. Track domain ownership transitions. - WHOIS Domains Database: With over 4.5 million domains registered monthly, our database provides comprehensive and normalized domain information. Explore owner names, registrant details, organization affiliations, and more. Benefits: - Rich Data: WhoisFreaks empowers your research with a wealth of domain-related insights. - Real-Time Alerts: Receive timely notifications about domain changes, expirations, and re-registrations. - Custom Queries: Tailor your searches by specifying fields like registrant country or phone number. - Historical Context: Analyze historical WHOIS data to uncover trends and patterns. Use Cases: - Security Investigations: Cybersecurity analysts can track domain ownership changes, monitor suspicious domains, and identify potential threats. Investigate phishing attempts, fraudulent activities, and malicious domains. - Brand Protection: Businesses safeguard their brand names, trademarks, and associated domains. Detect unauthorized domain registrations and take proactive measures. - Market Research: Researchers analyze domain trends, industry-specific registrations, and competitor activities. Gain insights into market dynamics. In summary, WhoisFreaks offers powerful APIs, historical data, and a wealth of information to enhance your domain-related endeavors.

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