Track shoe distance to prevent injuries & boost your training performance

We're excited to introduce our latest creation – SHOOZ, a new iOS mobile application crafted to assist you in tracking the mileage of your workout shoes. Have you ever wondered how much distance your running/training shoes have covered? The generally accepted rule is to replace running shoes every 500-800 km (300-500 mi) to avoid unnecessary injuries. After this distance, the foam in the sole may lose its cushioning properties, contributing to joint pain and unwanted muscle tension. While you can estimate the mileage based on appearance or purchase date, it's challenging to accurately determine the distance your shoes have traveled. SHOOZ solves this problem by allowing you to track mileage in a simple and transparent way. Just grant access to the Health app on your phone, and the workouts you perform will be downloaded, allowing you to assign them to the shoes you've previously added. SHOOZ features: * Creating a shoe collection with photos against a cutout background, making the shoes look like they're straight from an online store * Setting the initial and maximum distance you anticipate for each pair of shoes * Automatically assigning shoes to the previously selected training category after completing a workout * Clear statistics on how many km (mi) are left before a shoe replacement is needed * More features coming soon :) Feel free to give SHOOZ a go, dive into its functionalities, and share your thoughts. Your input is incredibly important to us as we strive to develop and enhance the application.

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