Spy on your competitors - Learn what their users love/hate about their app.

ReviewMind use AI to analyze App Store reviews and creates a report of what users love/hate. We’ve all been there before, trying to come up with new ideas for our next big app. But the truth is your chances of success are higher if you build for an already validated market. These markets have paying users, existing products, features that worked, and tons of user feedback of everything wrong with existing solutions. And that’s exactly what you need to find your next app idea. The interesting thing about building for an already existing market? You don’t have to waste time building features that users won't use. You also don't need to capture a large portion of the market to be successful; the pie is big enough that if you get 0.01% of the market, you’ll still be raking in some good revenue. All you have to do is address any of the many issues users are having with existing products. It could be pricing issues, buggy functionality, bloated and unnecessary features that make using the product complicated, etc.… You can find all of that inside the App Store user reviews. This is where ReviewMind comes in. It can analyze hundreds of reviews and generate a sentiment or SWOT analysis in seconds. Sentiment analysis will include a list of: - What users love/dislike - Common threads and feature requests - Areas to improve - And market gaps. You can also run a SWOT analysis which will include: - Strengths of the app - Weaknesses - Opportunities - And Threats Other features ReviewMind also comes with a handful of other features that make it easy to filter and sort the actual comments from the users. And the ability to export reports as .md file for later.

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