Smart global image CDN offering end to end image management, storage & editing.

Let's be honest, we've all suffered through the digital equivalent of watching paint dry: waiting for a website to load 🐌. A lot of websites transport you back to the '90s, when images loaded pixel by pixel while you tried to decipher them like some cryptic message from an alien civilization 👽. The worst part is, many website/app owners aren't even aware that a lot of their customers are literally giving up on their websites, probably going to a competitor, causing an unknown amount of revenue loss, because sometimes the pages are deceptively fast on the web owner's network but crawl elsewhere - the classic equivalent to the infamous "but it works on my machine"💻 Then comes the grand saga of cleaning image backgrounds, a task so daunting it could easily be the plot of a horror movie for designers👩🏼‍🎨. Picture this: a designer, bubbling with creativity and a passion to conquer the world, faces their nemesis—the task of cleaning image backgrounds. Between you and me, they'd rather listen to kitchen utensils clattering than tackle another background cleanup. Then comes the chore of making backgrounds appealing, scouring the digital landscape, trying to find that perfect image, downloading, replacing, not liking, and repeating. Meanwhile, in the land of marketing, a similar epic unfolds. Marketers embark on a quest of their own, a quest to find the right images—the ones they're sure they saved somewhere. Was it named img1? Or was it img2? Or perhaps, in a moment of wild creativity, they called it picture1? The possibilities are endless, the file names indistinguishable. They dive into the abyss of their meticulously (un)organized folders. Hours pass, and still, the elusive image remains just out of reach, a legend as inscrutable as the meaning behind img_2_final_finally_final_v2.jpg😰. But fear not, for Percept Pixel is here to save the day 🐈 ✅ An intelligent image CDN with auto-transformations to webp, jpeg, png ✅ Generous storage in every tier. ✅ Auto background cleanup and replacement. ✅ Splash integrations so you can choose your own backgrounds. ✅ AI-powered tag and caption generator ✅ Wordpress and Chrome plugins.🎉 🎁😻 Wait, there's more. ⭐️ Super intuitive one-click editor making it accessible for everyone. ⭐️ Smart search so finding images is a breeze (DAM) ⭐️ Custom CDNs so you can turbocharge your SEO. ⭐️ API-based transformations (bulk uploads) ⭐️ Translations on tags and captions ⭐️ 192 points of presence: a blazing fast CDN that makes your website load equally fast in the United States as well as in Fiji, and in India and in Finland. You get the drift. I invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey with Percept Pixel. Together, we'll not just conquer the digital world; we'll do it with style and speed. Because in the end, isn't life too short for slow-loading digital products?

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