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Meta Tags have never been Easier to find.

MetaExplorer - The easiest and fastest way to find SEO Meta. This is the only extension which presents the data in a pleasing and easy to consume UI. All the existing tools need you to either click on an extension or copy paste the url in a tool to check the on page SEO. This gets very cumbersome if you have to check the on-page SEO for multiple pages, like a blog. With Meta Explorer, you don't need any clicks or copy-paste. Pin the extension & navigate to any page whose meta & on-page SEO you want to check and voila! you have the info in the sidebar. This extension has a modern and pleasing UI. You won't get tired of looking at cranky UI anymore. Key Features ✅ View issues with your meta ✅ View meta tags ✅ View social tags (OG, Twitter) ✅ View header element count ✅ View header hierarchy ✅ Image file names & alt text ✅ Internal & External link count ✅ Links with Anchor text ✅ Show schema markup if present 🐜 Issues - Check & Fix issues to improve your on page SEO. - Export issues as CSV. 🔎 META - Title, Description, Robots, Viewport - Open Graph tags - Title, Description, Image - Twitter tags - Card, Title, Description, Image, Site, Creator, URL, Domain 🖥 ELEMENTS - HTML Header tag count - HTML Header tag hierarchy 🖼 IMAGES - Image count (Total images, Images without ALT, decorative images) - Image URL's - Image preview - Image ALT text 🔗 LINKS - Internal, External and No Follow link count - Links with Anchor text. - Check broken links - You can scroll the link into your view with a single click. 🧐 Privacy - We don't collect any personal data or track any of your usage metrics. - We make network requests only to check broken links on your site, after you click on `Check Broken Links` button.

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