Sleek and simple. Tracking habits with style and ease!

When it comes to habit formation, persistence is paramount. Habitie is committed to offering users a streamlined approach to cultivating habits. There's just a straightforward log process, no need for complex categorization or settings. Easy to record, easy to track. Simplicity breeds consistency. All you need to do is tap to log, Habitie takes care of the rest. *Simple and easy to use, recording habits is a breeze. In Habitie, target habits are listed in a clear view and categorized by period automatically, making habit tracking easy and convenient. No complicated settings, with just a simple tap, a record process is completed. *Sleek and stylish, dedicated to crafting good design. Lively color combinations, along with uniquely styled content design, form a distinctive visual effect. Each habit can be unique. Users can customize exclusive visual images for each habit from a rich selection. With attractive design, habit tracking becomes a delightful experience. *Clear and comprehensive, tracking progress is so simple. Detail pages display charts and data including monthly calendar view, annual trend chart, progress chart, key indicator information, and more. Views can be varied depending on the cycle type of habit. Different types of data and comprehensive information are provided for user review. *Automatic follow-up, worry-free data synchronization. Contents are automatically synchronized across devices via iCloud. Data will be automatically saved, and updated in real time.

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