Reward your customers for referrals, testimonials, social actions, and so much more from one smart panel you embed on your site + We'll help you earn an additional $5k ARR for free if you get started today!

GrowthPanels.com provides a multifaceted engagement platform specifically designed to harness the power of word-of-mouth for the growth of SaaS companies. The service is anchored by its unique GrowthPanel, a customizable tool that can be seamlessly integrated into a company's website. This tool does more than facilitate traditional affiliate marketing; it encourages a variety of user actions, including referrals, social media engagement, and the creation of user-generated content. By offering rewards for such activities, companies can motivate their users to become active participants in their marketing efforts. This not only leads to increased visibility through organic growth channels but also enhances brand loyalty and product adoption. With a user base that feels valued and is rewarded for their contributions, GrowthPanels turns customers into brand ambassadors, effectively creating a marketing army that drives growth from within. GrowthPanels service is generally used for: Enhancing word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Incentivizing users to engage in brand promotion activities. Generating user content such as testimonials and reviews. Driving product adoption and customer loyalty. Turning existing customers into brand advocates. Automating and tracking referral programs. Strengthening user-community engagement. Collecting user feedback and insights for product improvement. Increasing social media presence through user actions.

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