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This is your one-stop-shop to get countless ingredients [tools, reads, listens & streams] to build momentum no matter the stage of your startup. IIt'sts like having a co-pilot you can always rely on to get answers and keep on executing for the future of your startup. The whole thing is being built in public, with weekly updates and a weekly newsletter. You can find updates via: https://founders.menu and of course https://foundersmenu.beehiiv.com As the name suggests the whole thing is structured like a menu, so you can dive in and select items depending on the stage of your founder's journey and much more. Soon, with the introduction of reads, listens, streams, and templates, the quality of the database will only get better and better. We are running a special offer for $3/m for the first 10x Founders joining early. Their price will be locked in forever. The 20x Founders will pay $4/m and so on until we hit PMF. Are you ready to take action?

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