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Why We Launched the Founders Project? We realized that there are a loot of cool founders out there that you’ve never heard of. There are a specific types of stories that will rarely become mainstream. One such example is the story of a B2B founder in a legacy niche solving a problem nobody outside that niche knows and making 10s of millions in revenue. A lot of early founders usually think about B2C only, but the success of B2C founders is often irreplicable. There are hundreds of easier problems to solve and build a company around in B2B, in industries you’d never think of. You just have to talk, be curious, and research. Also, every marketplace faces the same problems in the beginning (liquidity, aka chicken and the egg problem), every proptech, every edtech as well. What if we could share the stories of early stage founders from those specific industries? What if we could share the insights? We started Founders Project to learn more ourselves, but we’ve seen a lot of demand for it and decided that this idea is validated. We want to make the Founders Project into a knowledge vault for entrepreneurs at any stage. We want to inspire you to make & market something people want.

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