FlutterPlate is Starter Kit with RevenueCat, AdMob and Firebase integrations.

FlutterPlate is boilerplate with Clean Architecture. It has RevenueCat and Admob integration. It can work with three types of data traditional REST Api, Sqlite Drift in our case and Firestore. It also has almost all Firebase products configured. There are already templates for Paywall and Settings with needed buttons and services which handle these buttons actions. Let’s take a closer look at Data layer. Here we are separating our 3 types of Data. If you don’t use rest you can just simply remove whole folder related to it. And left only data type you will use for certain project. This is advantage of Clean Architecture. We are not dependent on data sources. Our Data layer serves for Presentation. Then we have Domain layer. It is layer which has only Dart code. It is clear from dependencies here we have rules for communication of Presentation with Data layer. It means we will have here our repository and entity models. And our main layer is Presentation. Here we will handle all our business logic and UI. So as you can see we have bunch of service files. Here we have routing, our payment controller, and ad controller. And also of course pages folder which holds our screens with own controllers. And things related to some handy methods, our stylings, colors, assets we will store inside Core. So thank you for your time, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. See you later. support@flutterplate.dev

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