We connect you with pre-vetted top-tier US and Latin America developers quickly.

DevFast: Bridging the Talent Gap with Exceptional Developers Born from the Frustrations of Traditional Recruitment: We, Adriano (15 years), Andrey (12 years), and Ariel (10 years), are seasoned developers who have felt the pain points of recruitment firsthand. As both candidates and recruiters across large companies in Europe and the USA, we witnessed the lengthy, complex, and often frustrating nature of the traditional hiring process. DevFast: A Faster, Smarter Way to Find Top Talent: Driven by this frustration, we created DevFast – a revolutionary platform that connects businesses with pre-vetted, highly skilled developers from Latin America and North America. Our curated pool of talent ensures you access individuals with exceptional skills, proven experience, and strong communication abilities. Here's what sets us apart: Pre-vetted talent pool: Say goodbye to endless screening. We have a curated network of exceptional LATAM and North American developers who have already passed our rigorous vetting process, saving you precious time and resources. Unmatched speed: Find the perfect match within 48 hours. No more waiting weeks or months – get your projects moving at lightning speed. Cost-effective: Slash your recruitment costs by up to 40% compared to traditional agencies. Our flat, transparent pricing of $35/hr makes budgeting a breeze. Direct connection: Forget the middleman. You'll work directly with your chosen developer, fostering clear communication and a successful collaboration. Flexibility built-in: Enjoy a 7-day free trial to test the waters, cancel anytime with no strings attached, and benefit from guaranteed time-zone overlap for seamless collaboration. Proven expertise: Our developers boast experience in FAANG companies, S&P 500 giants, and leading startups, bringing a wealth of knowledge and talent to your team. DevFast isn't just a platform, it's a partnership. We understand your needs and are committed to your success. Let us help you build dream teams quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Join the DevFast revolution today and experience the future of recruitment. P.S. Don't just take our word for it. Try us out with a 7-day free trial and see the DevFast difference!

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