Master Coding Through Play, Everywhere!

CodenQuest combines the challenge of platforms like Leetcode with the fun and engagement of Duolingo-style gamification 🎮✨ 👨‍💻 Key Features: - Language Support: From Python to Rust, we support 11 different coding languages. - Masterclass Editor: Code on mobile, for real. - Real-time Stats: Track your progress with detailed performance analytics. - Weekly Leagues: Climb from Bronze to Challenger and see how you stack up. - Streak Mechanism: Keep coding daily to maintain your streak. - Friend Competitions: Challenge your buddies every week. - Progressive Learning: Unlock new categories by mastering the current ones. - Daily Challenges: Complete quests and unlock special features. 🎯 Who It’s For: CodenQuest is perfect for developers of all levels looking to sharpen their skills, prepare for job interviews, or simply enjoy coding with a competitive edge. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, our platform offers something for everyone. I would love to hear your feedback and see how the platform can be enhanced! Thanks for checking it out! 🙏

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