Zerostatic Themes


We create beautiful themes for Hugo, Jekyll and other static site generators. We offer open-source and premium themes.

**Jamstack Themes** We build high quality themes for the Jamstack, including Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby, 11ty, Astro and more. **Hugo & Jekyll** We offer dozens of themes for Hugo & Jekyll, we’ve specialised in these SSG’s for many years. **Markdown & Frontmatter** All our themes are driven by markdown content. We make extensive use of frontmatter parameters to configure all elements of the pages and global site settings. **SSG-Specific Best Practices** Our themes adhere to the best practices of the specific static site generator they are designed for. Each SSG requires it’s own approach and structure. **Optimal Complexity** Behind the scenes, our themes are more than just "clean"; they are intelligible and easily extendable. While some HTML/CSS knowledge is necessary for working with static site themes, we strive to keep it at a fundamental level. Our code is designed for easy reference, allowing you to copy and paste confidently. **Comprehensive Documentation** Every theme comes with robust documentation. Premium theme documentation is accessible online before making a purchase. Documentation includes installation, configuration options and guides on how to update each page and content type. **Exceptional Support** We provide priority support for our premium themes. Open-source themes support is provided on their Github issues.

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