162 icon sets with 200k+ icons, search across icon sets in multiple languages, rich filtering by type and style, quick customization of icon colors, sizes and code styles, one-click copy and download for developers and designers

🌍 Cross-set, cross-language icon search: Search icons in your native language across 157 open-source icon sets, and filter results by set, icon category, and style. 🖱️ One-click copy or download SVG / PNG: Designers can copy vector SVGs directly to software like Figma and Sketch, product managers can copy PNGs to Axure with a single click, and developers can copy SVG code directly. Even if you're not in these professions, you can copy PNGs and paste them into PowerPoint to enhance your layouts. 🎨 Customize icon colors and sizes: Yesicon remembers your color preferences, which is especially handy when copying images to Axure, PowerPoint, and other software. Similarly, setting the right size will save you the hassle of adjusting it after pasting. Size settings are proportional, so there's no need to worry about distortion. ⌨️ Customize code style and copy: Choose your preferred framework and customize the code style. Yesicon remembers these choices, and when you open the next icon, you can simply click copy. 🔎 Browse, search, and filter your favorite icon sets: Pin your favorite icon sets to the top for quick access, and you can also search and filter within these sets.

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