Work With Data

Making reliable data accessible to everyone

Work With Data is a resource for accessing, analyzing, visualizing, and extracting data from diverse reliable sources, grounded in open data principles and enhanced by AI modeling. Amidst the growing gap between data and the skills necessary to meaningfully engage with it, the everpresent privacy concerns, and the general negativity surrounding data transactions, we are on a mission to democratize data and make reliable intelligence accessible to everyone. Based on open data from reputable sources, from the UN to the British Library, and enhanced by AI to fill in the missing pieces, Work With Data is a trusted source of data for work, study, and life. You can build a dataset, chart or map, check on news articles and trending topics, search images, and enrich your data, all without the need to gain new skills, use multiple tools or verify every source and piece of data you are looking for. Whether you need a complex business dataset to enrich your CRM or generate leads, are looking for a reliable source of information for your academic paper or just want to stay on top of news stories coming from all sides of the political spectrum, you can easily find and use the data on Work With Data.

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