AI powered Tailwind CSS visual editor that helps developers build 10x faster.

Windframe is an AI enhanced visual editor and builder that helps developers edit, customize, and build Tailwind CSS websites/UIs 10x faster. Speed up your web development process and ship in minutes not weeks. Some really outstanding features: -AI enhanced visual developement: Create and edit UIs using AI prompts -Code Editor: Simultaneously edit UIs using both a code editor and visual tools -Add your own UI - allows you add you add any tailwind UI library/UI Kit into the editor. Eg Tailwind UI -An import feature: Allows you to import and edit any Tailwind website or template -Import your Tailwind config and custom CSS files -More than 800+ well-designed templates -Sort tailwind classes according to breakpoints. -Version history: Save different versions of your website as you build/edit them -A Refreshing user interface -Publish projects to the internet

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