Improve your meeting productivity in seconds. Verbally is your free meeting helper. Display & time-box your agenda, stay on time with meeting & speaker timers, plus more. Works in seconds with Zoom & Google Meet.

Enhance and optimize your meeting productivity effortlessly with the remarkable assistance of Verbally, your invaluable companion for all your meeting needs. Designed to revolutionize the way you conduct meetings, Verbally provides an array of invaluable features that effortlessly streamline your workflow and elevate the overall efficiency of your gatherings. One of the standout features of Verbally is its ability to seamlessly display and time-box your meeting agenda. Gone are the days of fumbling through papers or struggling to keep track of the meeting's progress. With Verbally, you can effortlessly organize and display your agenda, ensuring that everyone remains on the same page and no crucial topics are overlooked. By visually representing your agenda, Verbally allows for a more focused and productive discussion, maximizing the impact of every minute spent in the meeting. Keeping track of time is another critical aspect of successful meetings, and Verbally has got you covered with its intuitive meeting and speaker timers. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly checking the clock or relying on someone to discreetly signal the passage of time. With Verbally, you can confidently stay on schedule, ensuring that each agenda item and speaker receives the necessary attention without causing unnecessary delays. The timers serve as gentle reminders, maintaining a smooth flow throughout the meeting and avoiding the all-too-common pitfalls of overrunning schedules. With its seamless integration into Google Meet and Zoom, Verbally guarantees an effortless and frictionless experience, allowing you to focus on the content and objectives of your meetings without any technical distractions. Upgrade your meeting game today with Verbally, the ultimate meeting productivity tool. Experience the transformational power of streamlined agendas, punctual time management. Say goodbye to unproductive and disorganized gatherings – Verbally is here to revolutionize your meeting experience and unlock your team's full potential.

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