SuperDev Pro

A must-have browser extension for web development.

SuperDev Pro is a 14-in-1 browser extension 🧩 for web development that allows you to inspect, edit, and refine any website right within the browser. ⚙️ Features ▪︎ CSS Inspector: Easily inspect or edit CSS ▪︎ Live Text Editor: Test new texts in a blink ▪︎ Fonts Changer: Effortless font switching ▪︎ List All Fonts: Font details at fingertips ▪︎ Color Picker: Precise color selection ▪︎ Color Palette: Explore website colors ▪︎ Move Element: Move elements with ease ▪︎ Delete Element: Delete or hide elements ▪︎ Export Element: Export favorite elements ▪︎ Extract Images: Extract images in a click ▪︎ Page Ruler: Measure with precision ▪︎ Page Outliner: Visualize HTML structure ▪︎ Image Replacer: Swap images seamlessly ▪︎ Take Screenshot: Screenshots in a snap

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