Tired of boring screenshots? Beautify your screenshots instantly with Supasnap!

Supasnap is a super quick and easy web tool to capture and make screenshots less boring and give them a cooler touch. Crafted especially for indie hackers and entrepreneurs seeking stunning visuals to narrate their journey. No registration required, no installs. ✅ How it works: Capture, Upload or Paste an screenshot Personalize your background, paddings, borders, shadows and add annotations Save, Export to Image or Copy to Clipboard Share your design on your preferred social platforms. ⭐️ Key Features Capture: Capture any window, tab, or screen of your computer. Position: Tailor the position of your capture. Margins and Spaces: Fine-tune the margins and spaces. Shadow: Add a shadow and personalize its color, blur, offset x, and offset y. Background: Jazz up your capture with solid colors, gradients, or images. Rounded edges: Round off the edges for a sleek look. Border: Frame your capture with a stylish border. Aspect ratio: Optimize your capture for any social media platform. Browser mockup: Add a browser mockup with light or dark mode. Annotations: Add annotations like boxes, circles, lines, arrows, text, emojis or freehand drawings. Export: Export your design in various formats (JPG, PNG, WEBP and Copy to Clipboard). Save: Save your designs for future editing sessions. Share: Share directly on your socials. Fully private: Supasnap runs 100% locally in your browser. We only keep your snap on our server when you save it.

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