The All-in-One Supabase and Next.js SaaS starter template

By using Supaboost, you can save at least 30 days developing your next SaaS. Let's look at the Supaboost Building Blocks, to see how you can benefit today. - Next.js 14: Supaboost is built using the number one React framework: Next.js. - Supabase: By utilizing Supabase, you have access to a database with out of the box Authentication, Edge Functions, instant APIs, Realtime and much more. - Lemonsqueezy: Billing on overdrive. Create, update, cancel, resume subscriptions. - UI by Shadcn: Easy to understand, easy to easy, beautiful to look at - Complete authentication: Email/password, OAuth, Reset password, change password and teams - Constantly updated: Supabase and Next.js constantly update to maximize their value. Supaboost updates along, to make sure you can get the most out of your own application(s) - Unlimited uses: You can not build 1, 2 or 3 SaaS applications, you can build as many as you want. A single license gets you lifetime access!

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