Improving any kind of behavior can be challenging, and the way that you spend your money is no different. Journaling can be a great tool to celebrate successes and learn from setbacks. SpendLight is a simple spending journal to help you improve your discretionary spending. Recording your spending decisions is quick and easy. You're prompted to evaluate your spending decisions as either fail, poor, good or great. Over time you can identify triggers and scenarios that keep you from achieving your personal finance goals. In addition to journaling on your own, SpendLight allows you to add a "spending buddy" for accountability. You don't have to fly solo! Having someone follow along with your spending journey can help provide encouragement as you seek to improve your behavior.

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SpendLight have been very useful for keeping track of how much money I spend. I use it often! It helps me to actually think about how much I spent and how much I should spend. I totally recommend this! :)


This spending journal is awesome! I definitely recommend it if you are struggling with overspending.

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