From CSV to API in No Time

SmartParse is a platform designed to make data migration and onboarding seamless. SmartParse results from our pain in dealing with data migration on every large-scale project and cloud migration over the last 5 years. On the surface, moving data from one system to another appears simple. In retrospect, it always takes longer and consumes more capacity, time, and energy. What sets SmartParse apart? * Data Quarantining: Prevent a few lines of bad data from ruining your entire import. SmartParse ring-fences the errored data and can be easily downloaded for re-evaluation and re-import. * Built-in SFTP: No more managing SFTP servers and credentials for recurring data ingestion like daily recon and settlements, system syncing, and more. * Scalability and Large File Support: SmartParse can seriously scale and handle file sizes that far exceed the shackles of normal server memory. * Throughput management: Data migration as fast as you want and as slow as you need to not overwhelm those downstream systems. * Turn-key Flat File Support: SmartParse supports flat files in all their flavours. * Low-code: Our built-in editor with a host of utility functions makes mapping easy for even the non-coders. Some Beta users have seen speed increases of over 120x after years of struggling with brittle, unstable glue code and slow downstream systems. SmartParse is ideal for: * Organisations or Individuals dealing with once-off data migrations * Organisations with recurring data onboarding, e.g., continuous data syncing to new or legacy systems. * Organisations and Individuals with Daily data ingestion like recon and settlement With SmartParse, data transfer becomes not just manageable but effortless. We're continually enhancing our platform, adding new features, and refining user experience to cater to the evolving needs of our users.

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