Making web analytics not JUST Simple, Privacy-friendly & Real-time, but more advance with easy to use features to answer most common question.

SiteBehaviour is a next generation web analytics and product analytics tool specially designed for SaaS Founders, UI, Product and Marketing Teams. Why SiteBehaviour is different from Google Analytics? 1. Better UI and no reports setup needed 2. Advanced Trackings - Website Heatmaps, Visitor Screen Recording, Visitor Navigation Map. 3. Designed for Privacy - We don't sell you data to advertising companies 4. Real-time and Reliable - SiteBehaviour is blazingly fast, reflects data on the dashboard in real-time while visitors navigate the website ******************* Pricing ******************* Free - All features for 30k visits / month Pay as you go - Starts at $9/month for upto 2 million visits Enterprise - For custom solution We use advanced compression techniques to store your data more efficiently to bring analytics at a very competitive price!

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