AI-powered backend platform with Vector DB, Document DB, Auth.

SinglebaseCloud is an all-in-one AI-Powered backend-as-a-service platform to build mobile and web apps fast. We provide the following components for you to build your apps: Vector Database, Relational Document Database for flexible data model, Authentication for users to signup and login to your apps, AI Similarity Search, Storage for documents and images. With SinglebaseCloud, time-consuming infrastructure, provisions, scaling, security, and data integrity tasks for you, are all handled, so you won't need Devops nor backend engineers to support your backend. We've got your backend. SinglebaseCloud offers a good Free Starter plan. With no usage limit or data caps, we provide unlimited API calls, storage so you can explore, experiment and build your apps for production. With our Pro Plan, you will have no billing surprises. Just one flat fee for all your backend needs - Predictable costs, unlimited possibilities. SinglebaseCloud is very easy to integrate in existing or new applications. Join now, use the promo code PROLAUNCH to get a free PRO account. This will expire on Feb 29th.

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