Simpler Invoice

The perfect way for contractors, sole traders and freelancers to create, send and track invoices.

We at Simpler Invoice hope to help as many contractors, sole traders and freelancers as possible to improve their invoicing game. Being self-employed ourselves, we know that running a business is stressful. So, we built Simpler Invoice with a single goal in mind: to lessen your stress load. Simpler Invoice allows you to... · create invoices fast · send them directly to your client · know when your client has read the invoice · look professional with customized invoices — add your own logo, signature and colours · track all invoices easily — sent this month, paid this year, to a specific client, etc. · save your business details, clients and invoice items automatically · send reminders for invoices that are near or past due date ...so you can have more time and energy left for the tasks that most move the needle. We say this confidently because we use it too!

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