SecBrain AI

SecBrain: Capture, transform, and organize ideas with AI-powered voice-to-text!

Capture ideas, never lose a million dollar idea again. SecBrain is an AI-powered voice recorder app. Capture ideas effortlessly, and watch as it transforms your recordings into optimized text with titles and tags for easy search. Plus, explore its magic functions for added productivity. I'm proud to introduce you to SecBrain. How it works: 1️⃣ Record yourself speaking (speak without inhibition, just voice your thoughts). 2️⃣ Let the AI handle the rest! We'll generate a title, optimize your text, and classify it with tags. It's the perfect tool to transform incoherent streams of thought into something usable. 3️⃣ Now you can choose what you want: Just read? AI Rewrite (Note, Email, Video Script, etc.) Or use the exclusive Magic Methods, like Enrich, which creates two or three dictionary paragraphs following the same line as the original text. Trust me; you'll be surprised by the ideas you'll receive. What else can we do? Create a to-do list or shopping list just by speaking. Generate notes from TikTok or Instagram videos. Create AI notes from plain text. Offline mode! And much more! What's planned: Mac app: I'm currently testing a version with beta users. Web version. Apple Watch app. Up to 2 hours of recording.

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