Why wait weeks when you can validate your project within minutes? Welcome to Rapid Launch, your go-to platform for a swift project validation and rapid deployment

Did you know? A survey by TechValidate found that 74% of startups see the first setup and integration steps as the toughest part of their journey. It's a big deal. As a maker and entrepreneur, you need to move fast, test ideas, and make changes as needed. But the chores of setting up payment systems, gearing up email marketing, and sorting out analytics can stretch over weeks or even months. This hold-up can halt your stride, opening the door to missed shots and a heap of frustrations. A couple of decades back, I dived into the world of coding and entrepreneurship, and boy, it’s been a ride! Over the years, I’ve worn many hats - a full stack developer, a mentor at VueSchool, and the proud founder of Mosaiqo, where I craft more and more projects. But here’s the kicker - each new project brought along a déjà vu of the setup routine. DNS setups, Stripe webhook listening, designing the pricing section... it felt like Groundhog Day, but in the tech world. That’s when the light bulb went off. Why not create a shortcut to skip the repetitive and dive straight into the creative? And just like that, RapidLaunch was born. Here’s the deal with RapidLaunch: • It’s about saving precious time and zooming in on what truly matters - building your business. • It’s about ditching the headaches - no more spam-marked emails or thumb-twiddling waits for Google’s nod. • It’s about getting profitable, pronto. The sooner you launch, the quicker you learn, and the faster you earn. I’ve poured two decades of learning, coding, and mentoring into RapidLaunch to make your startup journey less about the setup hassle and more about your brilliant ideas. Cheers to launching swiftly and succeeding faster!

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