AI-driven QA testing for bug-free apps, instant feedback and better productivity

QA.tech leverages AI to blend the expertise of QA engineers with the efficiency of automated testing, streamlining time-to-market, reducing expenses, and enhancing user satisfaction. By simulating human testing at automated speeds, we offer a comprehensive repository of best practices and usage patterns. Our services encompass identifying release-blocking issues and recommending code fixes and improvements of identified issues. Features: Continuous scanning and planning Dynamic AI testing agent Automated test execution Real-time feedback Actionable bug reports. About QA.tech: QA.tech emerged from the recognition that traditional QA testing, while essential, is often perceived as time-consuming and monotonous. Developers prefer focusing on product development rather than writing and maintaining tests. To address this challenge, QA.tech was founded with the mission of automating QA testing using AI technology, freeing up developers' time and reducing errors. Backed by a $1 million pre-seed funding round, QA.tech aims to revolutionize software testing by combining the efficiency of end-to-end tests with the precision of manual testing. The founding team, comprising entrepreneurs and engineers with vast experience in technology and entrepreneurship, is dedicated to making QA testing more efficient and accessible for businesses across the globe.

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