Fine-tune LLM without code. Build dataset, train, and evaluate in-browser.

OneLLM is an end-to-end no-code platform for building and deploying LLMs. 1. Create datasets in the browser We convert them to valid JSON (acceptable by model provider) automatically under the hood – no more tedious format conversions. 2. Integrate API keys Connect to your favourite model providers. We support OpenAI and will soon support Llama, Mistral, Gemini, and Anthropic models. 3. Training Start fine-tuning processes with a single click. Exercise complete control over all hyperparameters. 4. Evaluate performance After training, test your model. Give it a score and generate an automatic heatmap to visualize how the fine-tuned model performs compared to base models, or any other models you wish to compare with. 5. Analytics Integrate your OneLLM API key to track model usage and performance. Know how your users prompt the LLM. If you're using the OpenAI library, simply change the baseURL – no other code changes are needed. 6. Collaborate Invite others to your project by sharing a link - start collaborating seamlessly to develop LLM. Do all this without writing a single line of code. Try OneLLM now – our free tier offers a generous quota!

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