OneCal is a productivity tool that helps professionals synchronize their meetings across multiple calendars in real time. Upon synchronizing your calendars, you'll never have to deal with meeting conflicts again. 🚀 Main Features: 🕙 Real-Time Updates: Your calendars are automatically updated in real-time as the original events change or new events are added. 🔄 Multi-Way Syncs: Choose from one-way or multi-way syncs between 2 or more calendars. Set up once and forget. ⚙️ Fully Configurable: You have all the necessary tools to easily configure exactly what you want to sync over. No more, no less. 🔑 Privacy Focused: We only store the data we absolutely need to perform the sync. No data about your events is stored in our systems. 🎳 Team Plans: We offer team plans for your whole organization to start using OneCal and sync their calendars. 🌠 Simple Interface: No need for extensive doc pages. Everything is clearly explained and good defaults are provided out of the box. 👤Who is it for? Anyone who deals with more than one calendar on a daily basis: Agencies, founders, enterprises, solopreneurs, freelancers, marketers… you name it 😄









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