🚀 Monetize your community, online business or newsletter with a custom, no-code job board built in minutes. $1.5M+ in revenue earned through Niceboard

Unlock the value in your community and create a new revenue stream by connecting talent to employers. How does it work? 1. Find your niche. Already have a niche community? Even better. 2. Create & launch your niche job board…in under an hour, literally. We’ve engineered Niceboard for profitability, but also for a dead-simple setup and launch. 3. Get initial jobs on your job board. We have a backfill option for that. 4. Find people & existing communities in your niche. 5. Earn money from employers posting their jobs on your board. How do you get people to your job board? There’s many ways to get more jobs on your board and drive traffic to your site, e.g. LinkedIn newsletters, SEO blogs, ads, cold outreach. Or be creative yourself!

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