Mokkup.ai is a free dashboard wireframing tool. Build stunning dashboards with a wide range of templates across industry-wide categories.

Mokkup.ai has been designed specifically for business teams to prototype and implement advanced BI dashboards mapped to specific Business KPIs tailored to the unique needs of their business. Mokkup.ai has been developed keeping in mind the excessive demands for a BI dashboard wireframing tool that specializes in effective visual communication between business teams and developers. One can create stunning dashboard wireframes in minutes using this tool without any expertise. The unique features of Mokkup include 1. 150+ pre-built templates across various industry domains 2. Customizable charts and visuals with simple drag-and-drop functionality 3. Rich selection of themes and color palette 4. Live preview of your dashboard in visualization tools - Tableau/Power BI 5. Ability to embed wireframes on blogs/websites helping analysts build and showcase their portfolio

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