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5 Ways to Discover Your Next Favorite Book Books Based on Your Favorites: Love a particular book? We'll find you more just like it. Our ’Books Based on Books You've Liked’ feature helps you discover new reads that match the style, theme, or feel of your past favorites. Discover by Topic, Genre, or Trope: Whether you're into specific themes, genres, or narrative tropes, we've got you sorted. Explore books that fit into your preferred niche, from spine-tingling suspense to heart-fluttering romance. Personalized Picks Based on Recent Activity: Our platform gets smarter with every click. Using your recent browsing and reading activity, we offer personalized book suggestions tailored just for you, matching your current reading mood and interests. Recommendations from Your Saved or Rated Books: Have books you’ve saved for later or rated highly? We use these to tailor recommendations just for you, ensuring the books we suggest align perfectly with your expressed preferences. Like-Minded Readers: Discover books loved by readers with similar tastes. This feature introduces you to books favored by others who enjoy the same topics as you, offering a community-driven way to find new favorites.

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