Make your local machine global

Step into a frictionless remote access experience with Localportal.io. Just a quick sync with our Link Server, and voila, a unique URL ushers you into a sleek dashboard mirroring your local setup—all within your browser. No additional software, just pure, instant access. Terminal: Your command-line companion, now effortlessly accessible. File System: Navigate your files just like on your Mac, but on the web. Activity Monitor: Keep a real-time pulse on your machine's performance. Port Export Widget: A game-changer! Expose local ports to public URLs dynamically, controlling the exposure right from your browser. On the horizon: the Localportal App Store, loaded with more app choices, robust security, and team collaboration features, empowering you to control and tailor access. Localportal.io: Your lightweight, expandable remote workspace, now with the power to connect local to global effortlessly.

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