Lite Analytics

Lite Analytics is simple and lightweight Google Analytics alternative with. It is privacy focused and doesn't use cookies.

Lite Analytics is a simple and highly configurable dashboard for your website that provides a quick glance at all the key metrics. Unlike Google Analytics, where data is often buried deep inside menus, our dashboard makes it easy to access all your important information in one place. Lite Analytics does not use cookies to track visitors, ensuring better privacy protection for your website's visitors. The technology we employ ensures that we cannot track visitors across multiple websites or cross-link visitor data between various devices or even browsers. The Lite Analytics script that you embed in your web pages is exceptionally light and speedy. Weighing in at a mere 2.5Kb and slimming down to just 1.5Kb in transfer size when compressed over the network, it ensures that your web pages maintain their lightning-fast loading speeds.

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