Design, Prototype and Play your App

Design your app. - Use Auto Layout for your designs. Prototype your app. - Connect scenes for seamless prototyping. Play your app. - See how your designed app functions. Layerz App Designer helps you design and prototype apps directly on your iPad and iPhone. Use native OS components, Auto Layout, and Collection View to create designs that work just like real apps and see your results instantly. Features: • Prototyping: Design scenes and connect multiple scenes using tab bars, navigation pushes, and modals for prototyping. • Auto Layout: All design elements within scenes are connected with Auto Layout, automatically adapting to various screen sizes. • Component: Convert any design element into a reusable component, with the ability to override almost any property. • List (Collection View): Utilize the powerful layout capabilities of Collection View to create designs that function like real apps. • User Color: Manage a separate color list for your design system. Change the color values of saved User Colors at any time and see immediate updates in your design. • Dark Mode: Specify color values for Dark Mode within User Colors and naturally preview your design in Dark Mode. • OS Components: Use native OS components like Tab Bar, Navigation Bar, Button, Slider, Switch, Text Field, Map, and Date Picker with customizable properties. • Document-Based App: Layerz App Designer is an iOS document-based app. Save your designs as files and store them on iCloud Drive or Local Drive in your preferred way. For instructions on how to use the app, please refer to this link. https://is.gd/tRSNTZ

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