Larafast: Laravel SaaS Starter Kit

# What is Larafast? Larafast is a Laravel Starter Kit that speeds up development by including pre-built features like payment integration (Stripe, LemonSqueezy, Paddle), SEO tools, an Admin dashboard, a Blog, User Auth, Landing Page components powered by TailwindCSS and DaisyUI, and more, offering a complete package to quickly start Laravel projects. ## Features at a Glance **Payment Integration**: Larafast simplifies payment setup with pre-built integration for popular payment gateways like Stripe, LemonSqueezy and Paddle. - Subscriptions - Product Checkouts - Customer Portal - Webhooks Handling - Order Statistics - Subscription Statistics **User Dashboard**: Powered by Laravel Fortify, Larafast provides user authentication, with extended features like social auth and magic links. - Login/Registration - Social Auth -- Google -- GitHub -- Twitter - Protected routes - Magic links - Multi-tenancy ( User Teams with invited users ) **Admin Dashboard**: Larafast provides an Admin Dashboard, to manage users, blog posts, orders, subscriptions, and statistics. Powered by Filament. - Users Management - Blog - Articles - Orders - Subscriptions - Statistics **SEO**: Bult in SEO metatags, Sitemap Generator, Schema.org Service can help get indexed and ranked in Google faster. - SEO Meta Tags - Twitter Cards - Open Graph tags for social media - Automatic sitemap generation - Schema.org markup - Blog and Articles with SEO tags **Blog**: Blog and Article pages, out of the box. You can start to write your articles right after installing the app. - Blog Page - Articles Page - Articles management through admin - SEO Optimized **Themes**: Larafast has 30+ built-in themes powered by DaisyUI and TailwindCSS, with many Vue and Livewire components ready to build any pages fast. - Powered by DaisyUI - 30+ Themes out of the box - Easy switching between themes ## Why Larafast? Larafast comes with 2 stacks - VILT (Vue, Inertia, Laravel, TailwindCSS) and TALL (TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire). It's fully customizable and extendable. It can save you 40+ hours of work for every new project.

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