Acquire language skills by watching videos on YouTube with ChatGPT.

Langmagic is a platform that connects language learners to great native content & teachers, augmented by clever AI toolset, Langmagic will lead to you language mastery in the most efficient and fun way. Language Teachers: monetise your knowledge and content using Langmagic toolset and community of motivated language learners. We combine the best aspect of AI and humans to create interactive, engaging content for every step of your language learning journey. Access dictionaries, explanations, exercises via ChatGPT prompts, save words and phrases to review them later. With our app you will be able to acquire language naturally, by learning new words and phrases in context. We leverage ChatGPT to enrich your learning experience – this is as close as it gets to having a language teacher around most of the time. The most natural and efficient way to acquire a language: from a context based on comprehensible input approach by Steven Krashen.

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