the most powerful form builder with a no code rules engine - keenforms lets you create custom dynamic interactive forms and surveys without writing code.

Form Builders can be an incredibly useful and versatile tool. However there are times where your form builder isn’t quite enough. They seemingly get so close to what you may want, but at times can fall a little short. Rules Engines are powerful tools that let users create application logic without having to modify source code. A rules engine gives a user the ability to control the order of operations which is critical when doing math that requires more than a single calculation. A rules engine gives users the ability to create rules that consist of a CONDITIONS (true or false) and an ACTIONS (i.e. set a value, hide an input, mark a value as invalid). Keenforms has a no-code admin interface that makes it easy for non-programmers to create application logic. Keenforms is a drag and drop form builder with a built in no-code rules engine. Keenforms does what no other B2C form builder can do - things like conditional calculations and conditional validations, and the ability to control the order of operations. Keenforms lets you create the same kind of dynamic and responsive behavior that custom forms can deliver, without having to hire a programmer or write code.

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