Video automation API for creating videos at scale

Create hundreds or thousands of template-based videos to boost your video marketing. JSON2Video is a video automation API perfect for creating videos at scale: - Product video ads for e-Commerce catalogs, Real Estate properties or any classified listings - Text to video products integrated with AI tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney - Data-driven videos like weather, stock market, news, ... The API offers a bunch of cool features to make things easy: - Trim, cut, resize, scale videos, audios and images - Overlay text and text animations in different fonts and styles - Add animations like images, emojis, stars, progress bar, ... - Automatically add voice-over with text-to-speech - Create automatic subtitles in different cool styles Edit your video templates with our visual editor (Figma-like) and get creative! Enhance your online presence and engagement effortlessly with our streamlined video production solution. Join the video revolution today with JSON2Video!

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