Jarside - Generate, publish, rank.


We use GPT technology (GPT-3 / GPT-4) developed by OpenAI mixed with our own solutions to generate quality texts at the best price.

Jarside is a solution for generating quality texts at a low cost using GPT technology developed by OpenAI. Users can sign up, purchase credit packs, add their site, choose a skeleton, define themes and keywords, and schedule or publish articles directly on their WordPress site. Jarside offers an affiliate program with a 50% commission on each first sale. The service is compatible with WordPress and offers an API for integration into other applications. Pricing starts at $0.20 per 500 words with the GPT-3.5-turbo model and $0.80 with the GPT-4 model. There are limits on article generation, and credits have no validity period but are reset after six months of inactivity.

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