Detect and block disposable and temporary email addresses. Prevent free trial abuse for your SaaS, improve deliverability. JSON API and Wordpress

IsTempMail is a service to identify and block disposable email addresses. It's an essential tool for businesses and marketing teams aiming to prevent spam, fake registrations, and abuse of free trials. Email lists cleaned with our tool can improve your deliverability and open rates significantly. Key Features: ✓ Simple JSON API ✓ Real-time and bulk checks ✓ WordPress Plugin for effortless integration​​ in your website ✓ Comprehensive database with over 124,000 domains of known fake and temporary email providers ✓ Developer friendly, with support and direct access to engineers for technical assistance​​ Start blocking temporary email today with IsTempMail. Maintain the integrity of your user database, protect against disposable email address misuse and improve your email deliverability.

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