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As creators and innovators, one of the biggest challenges we face is ensuring our ideas are fresh and unexplored. That's where Isitshippedyet.com comes in—designed to be your first checkpoint before diving into the development of any new project. 🔍 What sets us apart? - Advanced Semantic Search: Dive deeper than keywords. Our technology understands context, helping you discover not just similar names, but similar concepts. - Speed: In seconds, find out if your idea has been realized by someone else, saving you time and resources. - User-Friendly: Our platform is built for simplicity. No complex processes, just type in your idea and get immediate insights. We built Isitshippedyet.com to help innovators avoid duplicating existing projects and to inspire confidence as they move forward with unique, uncharted ideas. We're here to help you validate quickly and launch successfully. → Some coming-soon features: - Feature Comparison: Directly compare your idea's features with existing projects, giving you a clear competitive edge. - Wide Data Sources: We pull information from popular platforms like Product Hunt and Reddit, and analyse reviews on Trustpilot to gather comprehensive insights about your potential competitors. - Pros and Cons Analysis: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of competing projects, helping you refine your concept. - Feature Suggestions: Based on our thorough analysis, receive tailored suggestions on features that can enhance your project and make it stand out. - Innovation Score: Get a definitive score that helps you decide whether to proceed with your idea based on how unique and viable it is in the current market. Try it out and let us know what you think! Your feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement. Let's innovate confidently together! ✨

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