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Your AI wingman for nailing any job interview

Interviews Live Copilot: Real-Time Support, When It Matters Most: The pressure of an interview can make even the most qualified candidate stumble. That's where our Live Copilot comes in. This AI-powered assistant integrates seamlessly with popular video conferencing platforms, listening in real-time and providing discreet suggestions and prompts to help you stay on track and deliver your best performance. It's like having a trusted advisor whispering guidance in your ear, ensuring you never miss a beat. Interviews Prep: Your AI Interview Coach: Imagine having a personal interview coach available 24/7. Our AI-powered prep module analyzes your resume, target job descriptions, and even industry trends to generate hyper-relevant practice questions. It's like having a crystal ball that reveals the interview questions before they're even asked. You get to practice, refine your answers, and build confidence, knowing you're prepared for anything.

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