Clean your inbox in minutes, and automate it using AI

Hey Hunters 👋 As a founder I was bombarded with email. It was a constant time drain. I built Inbox Zero to fix this. Email doesn’t need to be a mess. In a world of AI agents, everyone should have their own AI email assistant. Inbox Zero will help you: - Clean up your subscriptions - Automate replying and archiving with AI - Analytics to give you an overview of your inbox The product is fully open source. So you can see exactly how your emails are handled. Or self-host for maximum privacy. And if you’re a coder yourself, you can contribute to creating the perfect email app. ⭐️ Give us a star on GitHub: https://www.getinboxzero.com/github 👩‍🎤 Join the community on Discord: https://www.getinboxzero.com/dis... 🧹 Clean your inbox: https://www.getinboxzero.com 🐦 Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/elie2222 Happy 2024! Elie

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