Inbox Airlock

Declutter your Gmail inbox by holding unimportant emails in a special folder

Inbox Airlock is a light-touch yet insanely effective Gmail add-on for busy people who struggle with their email. Instead of automating email processing, it obliterates the need to do most of it. Emails from contacts you've corresponded with before will be automatically allowed to your main inbox. The rest will get stashed away in an Airlock folder for you to check later. Nothing is ever deleted or lost. Airlock can summarise your Airlock contents in a daily reminder email so you don't miss any important correspondence. You can redirect emails from a sender or their entire domain to your Airlock folder or your main inbox by assigning a Gmail label. Inbox Airlock works with any email client. Start your free 2-week trial today to bring the joy back to checking your inbox.

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