Humbo - Travel Bucket List


Humbo helps you decide where to go for your next adventure.

Use Humbo to discover beautiful places around the world. Or just around the corner. Create your travel bucket list. Get a great-looking map of where you have been so far. See photos and reviews by travelers from more than 100 countries. All of it is completely free. No ads. No subscriptions. - Discover great places around you. People probably travel across the world to visit places in your area. Find out why thanks to reviews by those who have been there. - Explore lists created by others. Learn where in the world Game of Thrones was filmed and which cities have the best food on the planet. - Create your travel bucket list. Save places that you want to visit, but haven't just yet, to your own bucket list. Share it with your friends so that they can take you there. - Get a map of your travels. Rate places you have been to and they will automatically show up on a beautiful map of your travels to date. The Humbo team is made up of four friends in Gothenburg and Klövsjö, Sweden. But you might just as well find Jensa driving really fast on winding roads to arrive at a beautiful natural spot in northern Norway, Uyen eating her way through Japan, Anders enjoying a cappuccino in Italy, and Marcus combining family fun and adventures on a safari in Kenya.

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